Kelley-Anne Rasmussen is a New Zealand based Animal Communicator who will help you to reach a deeper level of understanding with your beloved animal or pet.


Kelley-Anne Rasmussen is pleased to share a collection of the positive experiences of her many and varied clients.  

Samar, Auckland, NZ

It is UNBELIEVABLE the change in Lily since you spoke to her.
We went on two very long walks today and there was NO BARKING AT
OTHER DOGS!!!!! She was calm as could be - she 'spoke'
to a couple of dogs, but none of the craziness - TOTALLY GONE -
I am gobsmacked - I really am - it was AMAZING!!!

KA's note:- of course mum will have to continue to do HER part
but lovely that Lily could give that instant feedback that she
understands what is wanted from her.

     Romany's Tinker Taylor

Katherine Davies, Auckland, NZ

I was lucky enough to spend almost the entire day with Kelley-Anne while we
walked through my stud, Kelley-Anne connected with each & every one of them,
from broodmares & youngsters, to the elderly & my stallion.
There is absolutely no doubt that she has brought about a clear and deeper
understanding with each & every one of my precious horses & it was fascinating
to be able to listen & for her to communicate what they had to say.
Just being able to ask them all directly about their lives, their worries
& their wishes, was a dream come true, & if ever Kelley-Anne comes to
Auckland again I will do the same all over again.
As a result of Kelley-Anne’s work - my life with my animals has been
immeasurably enriched! I have overcome my own hurdles as a result & also put
some very necessary direction back into my life,
But perhaps more than anything is that once you’ve seen it yourself, with your own eyes,
it will reaffirm the invisible connectedness which we all sense instinctively
& Kelley-Anne joins us to those animals that we love making it possible for us
to understand & give back to our animals what we without even realizing,
often take for granted."

Katherine Davies - Stud Owner


Beck, Cambridge, NZ

Hi KA,
I am so pleased with how Bohdi is doing that I just had to email you and share!
She has come sooooo far since you did the reading on her. She now has FRIENDS!
It's so exciting to see her playing with other dogs again, I thought that would
never happen again. She sees most of them on a daily basis up at the dog park.
What s exciting is that she has allowed several of her doggy-friends owners
to pat her! I nearly fell over when one of them patted her and she let them!
Just six months ago, this little madam was growling and snapping at anything
and everything that came near her!
She is finally turning into a loving family pet and although she still has
"moments" every now and then, she is 90% perfect dog!
I have attached a new photo of her, when I compare this pic to the one I sent
you for the reading, the look in her eyes is completely different. 6 months
ago she had a hard, evil look in her eyes, now she has soft, happy eyes and is
just a lot happier in general (no more holes in the backyard either!)
We can't thank you enough for helping us with her, you were able to pinpoint
from one reading what 2 dog trainers, 2 vets and countless books could not!
Thanks so much.


Marc, Christchurch, NZ

Just an update for you. Boy - where do I start?!
Yesterday afternoon we had a visit from a young girl on a bike who
asked if we owned a Fluffy grey cat. She told us there was a cat
that had just been hit by a car not far from our house. I went
down and saw it on the side of the road. IT WAS THE BLOODY TOM!!!!
He was an ugly bastard!!!! We'd set a 'live-trap' in the gorse,
adjacent to the main road. He'd been having a scoff cause his
carcase had gorse flowers and thorns all over him. He was matted
from head to tail. Your email of Mikas description - "Rambo", I
could definitely understand why ANY cat would be scared of him!
We weren't expecting him to be cured over night but we thought we'd
see how he went. He woke up at 2am. Had a feed, a sniff, a walk
around, a bit of a chat ... went back to sleep!!!!!!
You've helped us to piece together the trivia and mysteries that
consumed Mika. Now we can move on and let his wounds start to heal.
Thank you once again Kelly-Anne.
(KA's note: 6 months of spraying, screaming and pacing led Marc and his family to me. Even after the consult with no "Tom" in sight as Mika had shown me and his behaviour continuing, (even on cats valium) Mika was literally as close as he could be to the long sleep (the appointment had been made!) then I got this :) So touching, well timed and an incredibly special story. Thank god for angels on bikes!!!)


Donna, New Zealand

Hi Kelley-Anne
Thankyou from the bottom of my heart! Everything you said in the
email makes absolute sense and meaning to me. Some of the things
you came up with are so accurate it is spooky and gave me
goosebumps! My poor little girl, she really has the weight of the
world on her shoulders...
... I am so glad I went ahead with the consultation.
Thank you very, very much, for putting me more in tune with Katie
and I know we can both move on from here and develop.
Kindest regards

Rebekah, New Zealand

I have tears running down my cheeks!
Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.
Yes, Show Jumping is his one true passion...
I tend to overjump the jumps myself so I fully understand "he wants
you to sit there and worry about looking pretty and leave the rest to
to him" My riding instructor says the exact same thing!
As for the show ring business I probably do interfere too much with
him. My riding instructor says I need to let him go a bit and not to
hold him back (I was holding him back because he was being an idiot).
Maybe next time I'll take some dutch courage first lol.
Thank you so much!!!

Serena, New Zealand

Hi Kelley
You made me cry!! You got them exactly as I see them!
So many things were funny, especially as I already sort of knew it,
but someone saying made it real for some reason!
Haha, I laughed at Mel not liking cuddles, I always give him one when
I want to annoy him! Its nice to know that he likes pats though hehe.
Thank you so much!

Lee, New Zealand

Hi Kelley-Anne.
Thank you SO much!!!!
My god... you know him so well.
The dressage thing blew me away as he has had only 3 tests and one
was a very good score. He has beautiful paces and would be a great
dressage horse! I have only had him for 5 weeks so again you were
on the mark! I have just started ground work with him going back to
the basics and the other day he came up for a huge hug and talk.
It was like we had started to know one another.
I am certainly going to get his back checked as well.
When you said he is trying to set his rules it explains why we seem
to be going through his whole regime of bad manners. I seem to work
out one and another pops up!!!
Again thanks so much, you have given me so much I now feel like
Guiness and I can do ANYTHING!!!!!!!
Warmest regards

            Olivia & BJ

Megan, Auckland, NZ

Hi Kelly Anne,
just thought I would drop you a line to tell you of how grateful my
daughter and I are of your visit to talk to our two horses.
You wouldnt believe how my daughter Olivia's pony, BJ has changed
since your visit. She can now ride him on a loose rein over all the
jumps in the arena. He is so laid back and they are both really
enjoying each other. I do believe he must have heard me say that if
he didnt conform, he would have to be sold!!
Thank you so much. Keep up the good work that you are doing,
cheers Megan.
PS the photo is BEFORE BJ was spoken with.

Sarah, Christchurch, NZ

Thanks for this! It was so interesting to read and pretty accurate I think.
While I haven’t been jumping him we have done the odd little log and
I have been talking to him lately about buying a jumping saddle so we can
do a bit of jumping – I’ve been missing it too! Also when I think about it,
the show thing sounds about right too that he is out of comfort zone and gets
all worried.
I have to say, I was a bit of a sceptic about this
(I’m sure you get that from a lot of people) but I’m so pleased I did this.
Thanks so much

Judy, Hawkes Bay, NZ

Hi Kelley-Anne
Thank you so much!! You are SO on the mark!!
(gee I laughed at this bit!!) yes, I probably am a bit “come on, do it!”
rather than tell him clearly what I want and it is SO like him to
“tell on” me! Ratbag!!
As to loving human company, every time I go to catch him he walks up
to me, from where ever he is. And he loves being admired by people!!
I am pleased he wants to continue with both dressage and showing – you were
right, before me he had done maybe two dressage tests, but heaps of showing.
Hacking him out is something we haven’t done much of so can understand
he wants to do more – and you are right, he really strides out in the walk.
Thank you so much Kelley-Anne, I love him to bits and want to get
things right with him. To have it all explained a little more clearly
for the ‘dumb human’ is just awesome!!!

Helen, Auckland, NZ

I just HAD to share this... the reading was SO accurate, even my husband
who is sceptical about this kind of thing couldn't believe parts of it!
What my boy had to say moved me to tears...
WOW a completely different horse... I actually trusted him enough
to mess around near his back legs and he repaid that trust with not
moving a muscle! He even rested a hind leg while I was grooming him
which he has never done before. Then we lunged and he shyed at the sheep
but I just told him 'don't worry they are only sheep, they can't get in here'
and he was fine! I told him that I loved him and we had a big cuddle,
he rested his head on my back. But the really spooky part was when
I first caught him this morning and he actually NUDGED ME WITH HIS NOSE,
really gently (like you said in his reading).

Kirsty, Christchurch, NZ

I would just like to say how impressed I am with your deep insight and
understanding into my horse and what he is going through. Not only have you
been able to pin point his current psyche, but you have also located a number
of areas on his body which are causing him pain. I had taken Ace to a
number of chiropractors. You did a reading and located a pain around his neck,
and also on his back. The next visit from my chiropractor was interesting!!
I asked him to have a look at his neck, and lo and behold, there were a
number of points of pain there...and it turns out that the saddle had been
causing a bit of pain just where you had seen it to be.
Since these appointments, the bucking has stopped.
If you had not seen the pain there, I would not have ensured the chiro and
saddle fitter checked these precise areas - areas which had been overlooked
in previous visits and which may well have been missed again if it had not
been for you!!!
So Ace and I owe you a great deal of gratitude. Our recent rides have been
full of fun!
You gave me lots of advice and tips on how to connect and bond with my horse
emotionally and the difference has been unbelievable!!
Many thanks again, Kelley-Anne
From 2 very satisfied customers!!!
Ace and Kirsty :-)

            Joanne & Rani

Joanne, New Zealand

I was impressed at the accurate perceptions of personality that Kelley-Anne
read from my donkeys - ones that probably I and only a few close friends would know.
She was able to pin-point pain areas on my donkey's body which were later verified
by my bowen muscle release therapist who treated these areas. What more can I say.
Using this avenue of communication and treatment has led me to greater empathy and
a deeper relationship with my beloved donkeys.
Thank goodness for you and people like you, Kelley-Anne.

Kristie, New Zealand

Hi there Kelley-Anne
Just had to send you an email to say Thank You.
If anything your note has helped me to step back and look at the big picture in terms
of my relationship with my wee horse and training plan. I hadn't been happy with
where we were heading for some time and your note confirmed to me that my training
concerns were valid. So with some slight adjustments I feel we are both in a better
head space and seem to be communicating a lot better. I still have a wee mare with a
lot of attitude but feel like we are now starting to share the load!
Thanks for your kind words of encouragement.

Robyn, Auckland, NZ

Hi Kelley-Anne
Thank you very much for the reading! You summed up Sparky in your first words
"Sparky is a lunatic"! (A very lovely lunatic!) You confirmed much of what I thought
of him myself, and it is nice to know we are on the right track! Before the reading,
I imagined him, given the chance to communicate, going blah, blah, blah, about all of
the things he would like to say. He did as I thought, even using those exact words
when talking about what he liked least about his work - doing circles!
You have also done other readings for friends horses and were right on the mark
for them too. So I would completely recommend you to anyone who wants to get
a little closer to their four legged friends!
Thanks again

J, Auckland, NZ

Hi Kelley-Anne
Just wanted to say again how thankful I am for your help.
Since your email, I have completely stopped doubting my relationship with my boy
and have also stopped doubting myself! We seem to be coming along so well together.
I have had so many comments from my friends that every time they see us riding
we just seem to look more connected each time – how awesome!!
I have also gained a lot of trust in him just knowing that what I ‘hear’ is what he
is telling me – certainly takes the guess work out of it hehe.
Thanks once again,
J :o)

            Nicqui & Johnny

Nicqui, Auckland, NZ

Hi Kelley-Anne
Well I went up and rode Johnny today.
I walked beside them (9 yr old daughter riding), leading at first and then not.
Johnny was awesome! They went around the whole paddock twice!
So I felt much better after that! So I got on him and M walked beside us and
we went around the paddock and he was perfect! He is very round and comfortable
but I am still very slidey-offey.
Anyway, I feel very proud of and close to Johnny. I felt a click.
I'm going to try and do it every time I go up there that I haven't got time to
go to the forest.
Thank you!
(KA's note: Johnny had insisted that mum show she trust him by riding him bareback!)

            Sassy at liberty

Paula, New Zealand

Wow Thanks Kelley-Anne!
"She's now showing me the beach but interestingly enough she's not showing me
anyone on her" Funny you should mention that. She used to go to the beach
all the time before she was broken in. I would let her run loose and she would come
back when called. She LOVES the beach.
I imagine her tail area would be sore after having the foal - I know how she feels LOL!
I have had her since she was 12 weeks old and we have a very strong bond.
She is VERY much a one person horse.
Thanks Heaps.
Paula and Sassy

Angela, Auckland, NZ

I am completely blown away by both the consultations
on both my horse’s. You were right on some many things it was scary.
Good news is that I am now confident enough to ride Paris properly
and talk to her the entire time.
Thanks so much for my HUGE confidence boost re Paris,
was just what I needed
Bumble, well you got him to a t as well. Side saddle made us all giggle,
My friend was mad keen on giving it ago and had a lesson on Bumble.
HE was a Natural at it, you would have thought he had always been ridden
in side saddle… I may just give it ago now too...

Rachel, Wanganui, NZ

Bloody Hell!!
Sorry, have gathered myself now. I am still shaking and crying a little...
but I daresay I'll be ok in a minute...
Thats amazing. And so "her". And so right on the button with me and jumping her.
Thankyou so much. I'll let you know how we get on. I love this horse to bits -
funny how you say she has worries that its all temporary -
when I got her it was a gamble with her chequered past and I have always
(up until this month actually) had in the back of my mind -
"oh well, if things don't work, I'll just sell her." So she has picked up on that.
She is a very perceptive and sensitive horse, I've always known that.

            Lorien Elrond

Kiri, Auckland, NZ

Wow is all I can say…
Her first sentence made me say this with each horse
the more I read the more I was excited I had found another communicator
to help me and my horses. She goes into full detail and explains things so well
She helps you understand the horse and their problems
and even gives you options on how to fix them where possible.
I'm a true believer in Kelley-Anne and highly recommend her to anyone
who has that “ I wonder” thought in their head or any problem with their horse.
She is our own NZ Dr Doolittle.
She is also well worth getting her to do the horse version of an AA check
on a horse you are interested in buying as well as is very thorough for that type of thing.
Thank you Kelley-Anne I'm sure my horses are glad I met you.
Kiri Matenga owner of AWATEA FARMS

Verity, Invercargill, NZ

You brought tears to my eyes when you talked with Amba.
I have felt awful leaving my old faithful friend in the paddock.
You described her to a ‘T’ She most definitely is my ‘safe' place...
THANK YOU So much for sharing with me what she had to say.
Also you amazed me a 2nd time when you spoke with my 2yr old, Katana.
She is exactly as you described.
YOU TOTALLY Blew me away with your description of Dex.
Thank you very much, she was the little horse at our place
that was always on the outside and was skeptical of humans.
Since you had a small talk with her and explained her side of things to me
we have been slowly bonding.
I must admit I was a true skeptic of this sort of thing but having all this info
fired at me from nothing more than a photograph & a name,
I am now a true believer of what you do.
I don’t often endorse people’s products or services but Kelley-Anne you truly deserve this.
I wish I could tell all of NZ about the way you have helped me with my girls
& how accurate you are with describing their personalities. Thanks again,

Cherie, New Zealand

I just can't believe how on the money you are!!
As for the saddle thing I think you're right there as well,
I've thought that there might be something niggling her when riding
but I just couldn't put my finger on it.
update...2 weeks later
Just wanted to let you know that I've had the chiropractor out today to check Frith,
she found that Frith was quite sore and particularly about where the saddle ends,
so she treated her and what a HUGE difference straightaway.
She also advised to get the saddle fitter out to check the fit of my saddle.
We just wanted to say a big "THANK YOU" for your reading, without it we might
not have got onto this.
Thank you so much..

Justine, Sydney, Australia

Have started liberty work with Prin and Nero, with great results.
With Nero, he is perfect and more focused when playing and a lot
happier without any stuff on him! Last weekend I lay down for a bit
and he decided to join me! Such a precious moment. My mother apologised to Prin
(after some cajoling) and she has since made the
MOST amazing turnaround. Used to be a standoff-ish, don't-touch-me,
I-really-don't-wanna-be-here type horse, and now is all smoochy and attached to me!
Even my mother remarked that she actually has ears forward when around her now!....
she was perfect as soon as she knew that I WANTED her to be with me.
So, all in all, very effective

Liz, New Zealand

Thank you so much..
There was no doubt in my mind it was him you were talking about...
everyone who has met him comments on how amazing his ground manners are
and most of the time he is fine under saddle ... I had a chat to him
earlier and......... he started to play games we haven't played for
MONTHS!! so I take it he understood.... :)
I have a feeling things will be much better from now on.. so thank you!
I have no reservations about jumping on him and just enjoying our
bond.. and its all thanks to you!

Shannon, New Zealand

Thank-you SO much for doing this reading, it really meant a lot to me...
Just really wanted to see her point of veiw on things and so happy shes
wanting to get out and about and have some great fun together!!
Also nice to know shes not wanting to lose me either.
Thank-you again and I would most definitely recommend you to anyone.
You have one amazing talent
Thanks a bunch,
Shannon. =)

Dawn, West Coast, NZ

Kody did the most amazing thing today,
I was trying to get a anti-rearing bit in his mouth to lead him
at first he was doing everything to avoid it and I remembered you saying
that he is not to blame for anything he does so I just stood there and explained
to him that he is not to go anywhere without the bit and they weren't my rules,
he turned his head to me and took the bit in his mouth by himself!!!!
I just about fell over, he normally rears and runs backwards, he even let me
take the bit out of his mouth with no dramas, he normally rears and runs backwards

            Auntie on Onyx

Liz, New Zealand

I'm so excited to tell you, after your "communication" with onyx, I also
had that chat to him and............. I got on and he has not bucked since!!
We went on a road ride for the first time EVER and alone at that, not a
single flinch!!!!
the most amazing thing... he has never let anyone ride him before (he has always
bucked people off or reared up so high they fell off his ass) but Onyx
"let" my auntie ride him..
(I took the chance to get a photo while she was on him)
REMEMBER: this photo is the first time anyone but me has ridden him;
I honestly believe this would not have been possible
without your assistance! This time 2 weeks ago he was bucking and dangerous.

Thanks so much,

Hannah, Auckland, NZ

First of all I'd like to say thank-you soooooooooo much for doing this for me...
I went out and I had a chat with Johan on Saturday morning.
For over an hour he stood and listened to me, I have no idea why. His paddock mate
just kept on grazing and left the 2 of us was kinda spooky actually
as it was like he was really listening.
I don't remember what I babbled on about but I did say "I heard you were on the
meat truck once". He turned his head and gave me this look. Looked straight at me,
into my eyes, piercing. Then I said "That must've been really hard for you" and he leant
his face on my shoulder and kept it there for a few minutes. I tell you it was amazing.
He is actually coming up to us in the paddock now and hanging around.
He is also a lot more affectionate towards me...not so blank I guess.
I think a lot more of his personality is starting to show through now which is awesome.
He is very sweet. Oh yeah and best of all 90% of his itchiness has cleared up!
I have been trying to get this to go away since September, I haven't done anything
to it since you talked to him and it has basically gone.
It was covering a HUGE area, his entire belly and the tops of his legs, face and ears were bald;
and now the hair has grown back almost completely.