Kelley-Anne Rasmussen is a New Zealand based Animal Communicator who will help you to reach a deeper level of understanding with your beloved animal or pet.


Kelley-Anne Rasmussen is a New Zealand based Animal Communicator.  

As a communicator, Kelley-Anne is able to speak with all animals. However, she feels a special affinity with horses and dogs, having worked with them for most of her adult life.  


Kelley-Anne finds a particular joy in enabling animal and owner to reach a deeper understanding of each other and helping to bring harmony to sometimes troubled human and animal relationships.

Satisfied clients have, with Kelley-Anne's special ability, experienced a new, deeper and more profound communication with their beloved animals and pets.

A study of some of Kelley-Anne's interactions with animals and pets of all shapes and sizes is available in her gallery.



Kelley-Anne is currently available for consultation, where she will work with you to establish deep communicationwith your animal to enable you to better understand their needs and state of mind.  

We are happy to share a collection of the positive experiences of Kelley-Anne's many and varied clients.

Please, feel free to contact Kelley-Anne to discuss you and your animal's needs, or to ask her questions related to her special gift.

News Update


Travel Dates

Kelley-Anne will be traveling doing the workshops this year and will be available for a limited number of consultations.
For further details of talks or to discuss availability of spaces please contact Kelley-Anne.

Animal Communication Workshops

An Animal Communication workshop will set out how animal communication works, what it is, how to receive information from others, talking with animals present with you and by photo and with deceased animals and your own animals.  The majority of time is spent actually practicing doing this with others in the group, getting feedback and help where needed.

2016 DATES

Auckland Workshop - Queens Birthday Weekend 2016  (sorry, this course is full)

Tauranga Workshop - 11th -12th June 2016 

Invercargill Workshop - Labour Weekend (October) 2016

Cost is dependent on number of attendees, a maximum number of 10 participants in any one course ensures the cost can be kept down to approximately $250 - $300 per person.  This is an indication of price only, please contact Kelley-Anne for further details or with an expression of interest in  the featured courses or courses in other areas.


One on One Personal Training with a Consultation

Kelley-Anne is now in a position to be able to offer some hands on training with you and your animal to help work through any issues.
A consultation will firstly establish the animals reasons for certain behaviours, Kelley-Anne will then spend some time with you and your animal to put into place the practical steps needed to enable you both to work through these issues together, and these steps put in place can be rechecked with the animal to ensure maximum benefit is established for all.

This includes working with dogs and horses, both on the ground or ridden.

Time allowed for this should be at least 2 hours to include both the consultation and the practical steps to be implicated.
This service can now be offered at a very competitive rate of $150 including any travel within the area covered (ie no extra travel charges for Nelson or Marlborough)

Permanent areas covered are the top of the South Island - Marlborough and Nelson. Christchurch and Auckland can also be covered more than once a year.

Any other areas can be attended if a clinic is organised.

Feel free to contact Kelley-Anne in relation to these.


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